2012/13 Race Results

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Florida Vintage Motocross.....Preserving Motocross History In Florida

FTR MX Riders

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Welcome to the home of the Florida Vintage Motocross. We run a 12-16 race season featuring machines from the glory days of MX.

CZs, Bultacos, Maicos, TMs, Elsinores, YZs and more race on vintage tracks all over Florida.

With a group of vintage riders, vintage machines, and younger riders coming into the sport, we offer a safe, fun, family atmosphere.

Pick a race date near you and come see what Florida Vintage Motocross is all about.

To all my friends and fellow FLVMX members, it is with a heavy heart, but with no regrets that I suspend the current racing season. I would not be doing this if it weren't absolutely necessary. The recent events have caused me to rethink my personal direction and the direction of the series. It has affected me profoundly and I am just sick over it all. I will be in contact with the series champions via email and will be re-evaluating the future during this time off. Thank you to those who have shown concern and I will be in touch! Until the next snap of the bands whenever that may be.....

Savannah Graves

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